Potential uses of DomainSam to Make you Money

Among the potential uses of DomainSam a prominent one would be as a domain registry. Another obvious use is as a domain reseller where you just sell new domains. If you happen to be a domainer or someone with lots of domains then might be just right for you since it has the valuable keyword domain or domains in it. For showcasing your domains on your own site the domain is perfect. Its like what I’m doing here, but you could do it on a much larger scale.

With a little creative thinking you can probably come up with other uses of DomainSam. What about various services related to domains? You could charge money for those services like other companies do. How about creating a site related to all sorts of statistics about domains? There are some on the ‘net that I use myself.

You could create such a service too and this great domain name is a perfect starting point. In fact, if you try to find a shorter domain name with both keywords domain and domains in it you would pay a much higher price – that is if you could even find such a name.

uses of DomainSamCreate a site showcasing some of the new domain extensions and popular sites using them. There are probably lots of other creative uses for this premium keyword domain. All it takes is one good idea plus traffic and Domain Sam to put you on the path to recognition and ultimately more money for your business.

Another bonus when you consider the uses of domainsam is the name could be used two ways. One accenting the Sam word and the other the AM keyword. So you’d have two different ways to present any site using this premium name. That’s a rare situation and one which you can capitalize on once you own the domain.


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