Piggy Pedia .com

A Few Features of PiggyPedia .com Domain Name

PiggyPedia as your website name will give you immediate recognition. It is a very unusual domain name with connotation of possibly being an encyclopedia about pigs. That’s one obvious use. You’d probably be the only one, or if not, the only one with a short, catchy, memorable domain name that seems like the perfect name for a pig encyclopedia. Of course there are other uses for the name, most of which would involve something to do with pigs.

Some Important Characteristics of a Good Domain Name

  • Short Domain Name – It’s almost always best to have a short name for your website, if possible. PiggyPedia easily fits that bill having only 10 characters.
  • Relevant Domain Name – It’s almost always best to have a relevant name for your website, unless you are branding a name. DomainSam easily fits the branding category plus it has the popular category pig as the prime keyword in the name.
  • Important Keyword – Pig or piggy is the most important keyword in the domain, while pedia is the suffix indicating something like an encyclopedia or other authority.
  • PiggyPedia can be your brand – It’s a short name, catchy, memorable name and people will almost automatically think of “PiggyPedia.”
  • Aged Domain Name – It is aged 10+ years.
  • Easy to Type – There is no confusing spelling or pronunciation. It is easy to spell.
  • Flexibility – Since it starts with the main pig keyword or piggy, it can be used for serious pig information and/or fun pig related content.
  • Serious or Fun name – Since it starts with the main pig keyword, it can be used for almost anything related to pigs. On the other hand piggy in the name almost implies fun.

As you can see Piggypedia.com has quite a number of very desirable characteristics. Such valuable features of the domain will help people find your site more easily and remember it almost without trying.

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