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Website Offer – How would you like to have an advanced website for yourself?
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The above site was created especially for Safari Kay, compliments of Charles Harmon.

With this website offer you can have a website created for you too.

From: Charles Harmon

Friday Jan 6, 2018

domainsam.comMake yourself known to the world with your own personal high quality website. I can make you a personal website like this or there are many other pre-made designs to choose from.

This is an advanced type of website that has features that you’ll find on sites costing much more than what I am going to charge to create a site for you. Some features, like the Content Management System (CMS) usually only appear on sites that are custom made and at a cost up into the thousands. You could pay this too if you weren’t up on the latest website technology.

websites for saleThat particular site (Safari Kay’s Safari Adventure Portal), has the following features:

  • WordPress site and templates
  • Web 2.0 site *
  • CMS for easy maintenance
  • No programming knowledge or programming required
  • Add images easily
  • Add/Edit text content easily
  • No software program required to upload images/text
  • Search feature
  • Site is also a Blog (visitors can add comments, set on/off)
  • Website is SEO (Search Engine Optimized)
  • Spam protection included for login, contact form, comments
  • Automatically creates links to blog posts and new pages
  • Site includes Google approved sitemap
  • Contact shows no email address and emails you the contact info
  • Site is easy to maintain and update with new content
  • Additional features included



You can Spend Hours Doing all this Yourself

For those of you that have a website, know something about programming, websites, uploading sites to the hosting service, uploading data to websites, all about WordPress, etc., well you can spend hours doing all this yourself.

You’ll save some money, but at the cost of potentially a lot of labor and headaches. However, if you value your time maybe you have better things to do than fiddle around setting up a website like you want.

At the low amount I am charging I am sure your time is much more valuable than that.

Before I get to the price here are a few reasons you might want or need a website (even if you have one now).

  • A website acts like a business card, but is much more creative
  • A website should be easy to maintain. Mine are.
  • Showcase your hobby creations, photos, etc. on your website
  • You want the latest 21st century Web 2.0 site
  • You want to show your kids (if you have any) you have your own site
  • Make a few extra bucks from your website is possible
  • Learning something about websites/the Internet is easier if you have a website
  • You want to be first in your office to have their own website

A Limited Special Offer

Unlike some I won’t hide the price. For this Limited Special Offer for Domain Sam visitors only the price for all mentioned above for this site will be $797.

That’s unbelievably low considering I will be doing all the work. Want to know what a few others close to me paid?

My brother paid $3500 for a site that was not as flexible and required a programmer to maintain (at huge extra expense).

I was able to get a second site built for 1/5th of that, but it required expensive programmer changes to add/update the site. The programmer lived in a poor country so I didn’t have to pay the going rate here (in the U.S.)

My sister also paid big bucks (too much to mention) for one of her sites and was never satisfied.

I paid almost $900 for a site I had built for Kay and that was a low cost because I used someone from another country to build it.

$850 is what I paid for an Internet Marketing site that was also built by a person from another country where costs are much less than here.

I even paid several times what I am charging for this special offer for my own sites, some of which I am not using because they are too difficult to maintain.

Some sites of mine I spent lots of time creating by hand and coding in HTML. What a job! Just a few hours of my time (I am a computer/website programmer) is easily worth more than what I am charging for this special offer.

My son created a site a few months ago, also a WordPress site, and charged about $1800. It took a little more effort because it was an eCommerce site.

I could easily charge the minimum as recommended to students taking computer and website classes in colleges of $1000 – $2000, and that would be a fair price since I am doing all the labor. But that may be a bit too much for some for a personal website.

I considered $1650, but that would eliminate some of those who would really like one of these advanced sites but just cannot afford that much.

The price I finally settled on was $797. That’s a fair price for a complete site plus the labor involved in getting it all together. Read on to be able to get a $50 rebate.

What exactly do you get?

  • An easy to use and maintain website with features mentioned above
  • Site will use a custom professional theme (you choose from a selection)
  • I will create your site on your domain (you need to get a domain name/hosting)
  • Sites will have a home page, an About page, a Contact page, 20 content pages, Blog page(s), Links to other sites if needed.
  • AdSense – (recommended after at least 20 posts or articles)If you want Google AdSense ads on your site ask me about this
  • You will be able to add new pages to your site and make blog posts
  • I will add an announcement of your site on my blog (this will help you get traffic to your site)
  • You will receive a $50 rebate if you sign-up with a recommended hosting company through my link. This will effectively reduce your price to $747.
  • I will check out your site to make sure everything works OK
  • A special reduced price if you want me to add additional features or work on your site

This offer won’t Last Forever

What are you waiting for? Sign up now to be sure to take advantage of this special limited offer. It may not be offered again, and certainly not at this low price.

Because of the many hours of work that I have to put into each website and the limited amount of time I have available I am not going to include a PayPal button here. I will only be able to handle 10 sites at this time. So I will only be able to accommodate the first ten people seriously interested in this special offer.

I am requesting anyone interested to send me an email stating so and what topic they would like their site to be on. I have several dozens of WordPress sites I have put up and you can see how a few of my sites look to give you a better idea of what’s possible. This site here, Domain Sam, is a WordPress site. See below for more examples of WordPress sites I’ve built. I will also send you further information.

Some WordPress sites I’ve built

My main blog,
A PLR Review site
African Safari Photos
For Birders or those who like birds
Travel Quiz Weekly
A site to show a domain name of mine is for sale
A site of mine about colors
A new travel site I’m currently working on
A site of mine about Quotes
A site of mine about India


If you want an easy to use Web 2.0 website created and all set up for you I urge you to contact me immediately before the few available spots are taken.

Personal Website – $797

Basic Business Website – $997
Including above(articles excluded) plus:

Custom professional theme

Optional – Special (customer only) website maintenance/updating on our hosting plan – $75/mo.


Contact me from this site’s contact form if you are interested in this offer.



Charles Harmon


make money online


* Web 2.0


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