Domain Name Finder

Domain Name Finder

affiliate pgmI will research and find you a good domain name you can use for your personal or business website. The domain name you use is very important and not something to be taken lightly.

Good domain names are hard to come by. I suggest that before you put up a website you consider the name first. Because good names are hard to come by don’t wait until the last minute. Same goes for naming your business if you want to start one. Now days every business needs a web presence and a great domain name is always an asset.

If you think it’s not important well here is a short story with almost an unhappy ending. SafarkKay decided she wanted to have another website for her travel business. I had taken her previous one down and she wanted a much better one that was eye-catching and went with her new business name.

She had already gotten her new business name and now was ready for a new website. Unfortunately the exact name of her business was already taken and names similar or related weren’t good or also were taken. For the majority of businesses you want to get a .com name if possible, since that is the standard for business websites in the United States.

Her Destined To Travel business was now about to be without the name she wanted until I saved the day with a much less desirable, but acceptable alternate that was a dot com name. It was Names with dashes were often preferred in the early days of the internet, but have since fallen out of favor. Names with dashes or other characters in them are not to be preferred in these times. Sometimes you have to bend the rules to make things work, however.

Take that as a lesson. Decide on a new business name where you can get that name as a domain name without the dashes, if possible. If totally impossible sometimes you can use a generic word as a brand and it too will be a great name that is easy to remember.

Often such names are even better, especially if it is a new business or one with a unique product. A domain name such as KBOXX would make a great brandable name that’s real short, easy to remember.

I can think of several uses for it in addition to the obvious uses as a name for a company making boxes, containers or even a totally unrelated to box business such as gifts for example. So do consider having me find you a domain name that you will be happy with.

I will find you three domain names for your website. Use one, two, or all three names. Yes you can have multiple names all pointing to the same website. Think of the possibilities this opens up for you. Here is an example and


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