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Cap Gap – A Focus on Caps for All Occasions

By The PLR Reviewer Charles Harmon

At one time or another we all have worn some type of cap. That includes those of us who live in warm climates where it is usually not necessary to wear caps. That’s unlike those fortunate, or should I say rather unfortunate people if you don’t like the really cold weather, when a cap, any kind of cap or hat is a welcome piece of clothing.

This 10 year old domain is well-aged and a prime domain just waiting for the right buyer. Could this be you? If you have an inkling that you could easily set up a site featuring various types of hats then might just fit the bill. The easy way to do it is to create a minimum site with some common styles of caps and hats. Because the keyword cap is generic that easily allows you to carry caps for everyone in the family, including babies.

cap heaven

When you think of caps maybe just a handful of types and styles come to mind. But that’s not the whole story. There are probably a hundred styles or a lot more than that which you could easily promote. Yes you could go full-blown and have a huge eCommerce site. But I advise starting much smaller than that.

Just a small to medium size affiliate site with the most popular styles should serve you well. A site just like this would work nicely as an affiliate site for such a venture – or you could get fancy and way more complicated if that’s what you wanted, although it’s not necessary.

If you are not in the online marketing crowd an affiliate site is a website where you promote someone else’s products. If a visitor to your site clicks your link for an item and goes to the source of the product and buys it, then you make a commission. Sort of like a silent salesman or woman where you present the product (image on the website) and if a sale results you make a commission.

Affiliate sites are far easier and quicker to set up and no money is required to stock inventory like a brick and mortar store must do. Probably the easiest way to get a huge selection of various types of caps to promote is to be an Amazon affiliate. Major physical stores you are familiar with also have affiliate programs so your choices are great. Owning such a site that promotes caps could ultimately produce a nice income for the right business or business-minded person.

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But first you need a relevant dot com domain name. That’s where I come in. I have many dozens of them and right now I am in the mood to offer to the first buyer. Right now the price is less than half the normal price, but I guarantee you it will not always be so low.

more cap styles

As a matter of fact, now as I write this I am thinking that maybe I should keep the domain and look for a partner that wants to work an affiliate cap selling site. I could easily set up such a site, but my time is very limited. Unfortunately I have so many domains that are good for business I cannot possibly operate so many businesses. But with a working partner and my knowledge of websites and affiliate programs becoming a partner in such a venture could offer great possibilities for both of us.

Don’t put it off if you think this easy to type domain name is suitable for your needs. Someone just may grab it before you do. If you want to do most of the work – and it is easy home-based work, then do consider being a partner with me on a site promoting all styles of caps – or maybe just specific types of caps and hats. But if you want to be a partner you must act fast before the domain is sold.

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