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PiggyPedia for Fun with Pigs and a Domain Name that’s Unforgettable

Anyone that is really into pigs, real or fake, could easily create their own pig blog or website about pigs. You can have fun with pigs. How about piggybanks? Everyone has heard of piggy banks. So that could be an introduction to your new site about pigs or a more specific pig niche.

You might be the only such site or one of a few on the internet – setting yourself up for a very unique site. If so, expect lots of traffic, and money if you monetize it properly. With this idea I’ll lower my asking price for this domain. I’ll reduce it from $8,888 for piggypedia.com to $1888. I hope you’ll ask me to be your partner.

Fun with PigsShould you have special knowledge about pigs Piggypedia.com might be for you. If you raise pigs or have a pet pig this domain might be for you. If you just have a great looking piggy bank, PiggyPedia.com may be just right for you. http://PiggyPedia.com could be the instrument for getting the word out about your particular interest in pigs. It is difficult to find relevant .com short domain names in the pig niche. But here’s a good one for the right person.

You can still have Fun with Pigs if you already have a Website

If you already have a going business in your niche then here is your chance to grab a relevant domain name. One to use for getting extra traffic to your pig related site. Post articles, specials, sale items or promotional items on the site. Include links to your main site. Use plenty of keywords to make sure you’ve covered many of the common phrases people might use to search for your products.

Heck, because pigs are so common, just hire a writer for relatively low costs. They can create a dozen or more articles about pigs. That way you will cover many of the common terms people might use to search with. Use your imagination. You could go far with piggypedia.com. I will recommend a couple of excellent writers I use.

For a graffiti image of pigs flying go here http://plrreviewer.com/about/piggypedia-com/

Click HERE to contact me on the Contact Form. Be sure to mention PIGGYPEDIA.com.

Make this your own domain before someone else grabs it! Make me an offer.

Piggypedia.com   $1888 Domain only

Click here to see piggypedia.com and get ideas of how you might be able to use this unusual domain


piggypedia.com for sale



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