Ace Doll for Fun

Ace Doll for Fun and a Great Name for a Doll Site

By a doll of a girl Twinty Karat

Ace Doll for Fun? For Sale. This is a domain I registered in July 2004 with the intention of creating a fun site with content about all sorts of dolls. There are so many types of dolls such a site coule easily be a big one. It could be a goto site for anyone interested in doll collecting or other doll information.

It never got off the ground because of time constraints. Then because of the ace in the name I thought about making a directory site listing all the doll related sites I could find. I started it, but again time got in the way so I abandoned the idea.
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collector dollI didn’t have the time to write content myself and this was a niche I knew nothing about. The doll site idea was an old one from the 70s when my girlfriend used to sell things at swap meets.

Sometimes I would go searching with her for things that were old to resell at other more exclusive swap meets. I saw old porcelain dolls, some very old rag dolls and other types of dolls that were expensive back in those days.

Such dolls are probably worth a lot more money now, some 45 years later.


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