Wedding Fervor

Wedding Fervor Domain Name for Sale

Wedding Fervor is a domain I registered in early 2007 with the intention of creating a large content site. At the time I found it difficult to find articles in that niche and didn’t want to spend a lot more money having custom articles written.

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weddingI had too many sites to spend a lot of money on each one unless I had good reason to believe revenue from the site would come quickly to cover custom article costs. I didn’t have the time to write content myself and this was not a niche I knew a lot about.

I wasn’t ready to try to get a lot of traffic to the site since it was low priority on my list of things to do. One thing after the other kept me busy and I just couldn’t devote the time and money required to get the traffic I had envisioned. The other plans I had to add a gift store to the site never materialized either.

The wedding niche is a great niche and is ripe to make money with AdSense or similar pay-per-click ads. In addition you could sell products from the site by adding an ecommerce plugin. The important wedding keyword is in the domain name and the domain name is short considering it is very difficult to find similar dot com domains that are short and descriptive.

wedding coupleWeddings are an evergreen niche and you will never have to worry about it going out of style or becoming outdated. Add lots of quality content, images, social approval from places like FaceBook, Twitter, and the like, plus some quality links, and you would be well on your way to a fun, highly profitable site. I believe this domain name will pay for itself many times over by creating a good profit stream for the right owner.

This is one of the domain names I’m particularly fond of and have toyed with the idea of having my writer create a couple of hundred high quality articles and other content so I could get a few high quality links and push a ton of traffic to the site. I think that would payoff in spades if I did those things.

Wedding ringsYou could do the same if the domain was yours. Currently it has a special site optimized for Google AdSense. I do want to keep the theme for use on one of my other sites so the particular the site its on doesn’t come with the domain name.

However, if you want a site I can offer you a site from a selection of custom sites I paid for and have the rights to sell with the site. Or you can put your own theme on the site. Either way all the content on the site will work with virtually any WordPress theme.

Make this your own domain before someone else grabs it!

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