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Flora Studio – Excellent Name for A Florist or Flower Oriented Business

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Flora Studio for your online or offline studio? FloraStudio.com For Sale. This is a domain I bought in July 2004 with the intention of creating a site about flowers. I’m not really interested in flowers, but my other intention was to first create the site, then find a buyer for it. That never materialized, however. But for a short time I did have an affiliate site on it where people could buy flowers and flower arrangements.

You could also put an affiliate flower site up using this perfect name for that. It’s been quite a few years ago that I did that, but if you do a search for affiliate flower sites or similar you still might find opportunities available.

That’s an easy way to get started with an online venture. You could use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to let people know about your site. Or if you are into flowers and flower arrangements maybe you could create flower arrangements and sell them through your site. My mom used to create some beautiful flower arrangements and people always liked them and usually asked “where did you buy that from.”

Sale on now!

Create Custom Accessories and more

make calendars You could make custom calendars with flowers or other images.

Another idea would be to create an online studio where you create custom greeting cards, note pads, sayings, etc. You use your creative abilities and offer them for sale. You could have small or large images of your creations that people could put in pictures or offer the pictures of your creative masterpieces yourself.

I know a person that does just that related to the military. Active and retired military folks are especially attracted to his offerings. Put on your thinking cap and I am sure you could come up with something you could create, make images or printing of and sell online via Flora Studio.

If you want a content site you could write articles about flowers, how to take care of them, flower arrangements and other related topics about flowers. On the other hand you could pay someone else to research and write your content for you.

That’s a painless way to do it as long as you find a good writer. Maybe I could help you out on that. I could ask my writers if they would be interested if you wanted to outsource the writing.


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Set up a Site – use Social Media to get Traffic

You could set up your own site quite easily using WordPress. Your profit, assuming you do want to make money from your site, is only limited by your efforts to drive traffic to the site. In other words you need to promote your site.

Now with social media, this is pretty easy to do and if you do it yourself it is free. There are also paid options for promoting through social media that are reasonable or even low cost. There are also many other ways to promote a site, with many of them free. But normally free methods take your time while paid methods of promoting a site takes money.

Traffic is the same for all sites. The more traffic you send to the site the more the potential profit the site can make.

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