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Quackling for Fun with Quackling.com Domain Name

Quackling for Fun? Quackling.com For Sale. Quackling.com is a domain I registered in late 2004 with the intention of creating a fun site with content about real ducks. Because of all the other sites I had didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this site which has been up at least a couple of years.

I initially had at least a dozen domain names related to ducks because ducks are so popular, but all my duck domains have been gone for many years except this one.

Quackling.com   $1111/offer Domain only
Website $88 additional

I had too many sites to spend a lot of money on each one unless I had good reason to believe revenue from the site would come quickly to cover custom articles and any other costs, including traffic. I didn’t have the time to write content myself and this was not a niche I knew a lot about.

ducks and girlQuackling is another one of my sites going on the block for sale. The site has been up forseveral years.


This is a fully functional fun site. More games could be added to increase visitor interest. This site has the same situation as my other sites. I just don’t have enough time to add new articles and drive traffic to it. This site can make money once relevant traffic is going to it. You will need to periodically add new articles to it. The site uses Google AdSense to monetize it, but you could use Chitka or any other ads or products to monetize the site to increase the profit potential.

Quackling is a unique and very memorable domain name. That’s the wish of almost everyone with a website to have such a name. In addition it has the word quack in it. Anything about ducks should have the word quack in it and this does and you cannot forget it.


This also is not a “cookie cutter” site. I created the site using a basic WordPress theme. Because it is a WordPress site you could change the theme (look of the site) easily by uploading a different theme. There are probably 1000’s of free themes and 100’s of premium paid themes (BirdQuote.com is a WordPress site using a paid premium theme).


Click here see Quackling.com and get ideas

This would make an excellent site for someone interested in ducks, birds, games, etc and wants to have their own unique site. The site is a WordPress site and is easy to maintain. WordPress has a lot of neat plugins and this site has quite a few of them. Plugins are an easy few clicks to install. Removing a plugin is a simple click or two.


This site could be someone’s easy entrance into making money online. By driving traffic to it the site can make money through AdSense or other similar pay-per-click ads. You can also add other related products to the site that you could sell once you add a PayPal plugin. For an additional $60 I will buy you the required plugin and install it for you. Profit is only limited by your efforts to drive traffic to the site. This is the same for all sites. The more traffic you send to the site the more the potential profit. Also I can provide you with one or more methods of driving traffic to the site plus tell you of many more including a few low cost easy ways.

Click HERE to contact me on the Contact Form. Be sure to mention QUACKLING.

Make this your own domain before someone else grabs it!

Quackling.com   $1111/offer Domain only

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